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Cash Management solutions for small business

Tired of wasting valuable client time on complex spreadsheets?

Simplify and automate your cashflow management and concentrate on what really matters instead. No Excel / No finance knowledge needed.

Pelrio is simple enough for you but smart enough to streamline and automate your cash management. Save 2 hours a week by implementing Pelrio!

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Discover All Of Our Cash Management Solutions To Simplify And Automate Your Daily Accounting

Less Time On Financial Admin.

Synchronize your accounting data and spend more time acting on insights instead of gathering them.

No Complex Spreadsheets.

No more complex formulas and stay focused on your business without financial knowledge.

Better Financial Decisions.

Forecast cash flow, control expenses and revenue by categories, projects, and counterparties.

Control And Avoid Cash Gaps.

Plan all future payments, expenses, and collections in advance and know who owes what and prevent money shortages.

Real Time Multi-Banking.

Pelrio aggregates your banks and keeps you updated on your balances.

Invoice Capture.

Less manual data entry means fewer errors and hours saved when you can just scan your invoices.

Why Pelrio is the better alternative to Excel Sheets!

Basic Spreadsheet
🤧Manually copy and paste data for hours..
😄Automated data aggregation..
😒Prone to painful spreadsheet errors..
😎No mistakes or chaos..
😡Outdated reports.
😉Keeps data up to date in real-time..
😭Work weekend nights..
🫡Get weekends back..

Modern Entrepreneurs that want to spend less time struggling with spreadsheets.

Growing businesses that need a simple and automated tool to help eliminate chaos in business finance.

Business owners that are not very familiar with cash management.

Entrepreneurs who want to figure out their finances even without the help of a CFO.

Designed especially for Small Businesses

Pelrio's Security And Data Protection

Our number one priority.

To ensure the highest quality of services, your data is stored on AWS servers in Europe.
The treatment is aligned with the GDPR regulations and the transmission channel from the browser to the server is encrypted by 265-bit SSL protocol
- the same security is used by banks.

However, Pelrio team does not have access to its users' data.

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